Lee and his partner, Crystal the dog was happy at last when they found each other after a week of tremendous and tiresome search.

A volunteer, Toni Mella Sweeney, who is connected with a group called Helping Hand in Leeds, England told Caters News that the puppy had run off from Lee when a fight broke out where they used to sleep at night. Both Lee and Crystal was frightened as the fight began to develop and did not expect something like that in that particular time of the day.

Imagine how awful it was to them.

Toni further told that although she received numerous information from the residents of the area with multiple sightings but all the attempts of finding Crystal was unsuccessful. Imagine how hungry and cold Crystal was and was not able to tell anyone about it.

Toni told “For two days we had sightings, then nothing,” and “Someone was rumored to be seen with her, but we never confirmed that. I contacted Murphy’s Army for help and they swiftly put a team in place, people from all over the country sent well wishes, and followers were doing all the posters.”

The search continued day and night, in the end, hard work made Toni and the team successful. They were not left out only with disappointment. Crystal was found after one week and was reunited with Lee.

Toni revealed that “It was awesome when I received the call. The whole event was a whole week of panic and broken emotions; Lee and I spent time together whilst I consoled him and reassured him,” and “The morning I received the call I immediately went to find Lee. I covered half of Leeds and eventually found him by the coin exchange. We went for food to calm down and then I took him to be reunited with his baby. As you can see from the video, it was altogether mind-blowing.”

It was a pleasant site for everyone who was at the scene where Lee and Crystal reunited. Everyone was emotional to see a story with a happy ending.

See the below video which will also put you in happy tears.

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