Most of the mothers go through a hard time in bringing up multiple kids. But this is a completely different story, in which this mother plans to have the biggest family in the world with 100 children!

Her name is Christina Ozturk, a 23-year-old mother from Moscow. She currently is the mother of 11 children and plans to have the biggest family in the world. Married to Galip Ozturk, who is a Hotel owner, Christina plans to fulfill her dream with the help of surrogate mothers to raise the total number of children. Since the rules of Russia doesn’t support them to get help from surrogate mothers, they moved to Batumi, Georgia where it is allowed legally.

More info & Photo courtesy: Christina Ozturk.

#1.Christina with her 11 children.

They fell in love the first moment they saw each other and they have no objection towards building up the largest family in the world. They have been working with surrogate mothers so that the children will be genetically theirs but the surrogate mothers will bear the children. This costs the couple a huge amount of money, but since Galip is well laid off he sees no hurdles in their way of joy.

#2. She plans to have the biggest family in the world.

#3. Christina enjoys spending her time being a mother.

#4. With the support of her husband, she is a very happy mother.

#5. Fingers crossed that she makes it!

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