With the COVID-19 pandemic bringing the world to a stop, doctors and all the health authorities rushed in search of a remedy to stop the death toll and basically to save the world from this dreadful disease. Now that there are several vaccinations produced,  the world steadily vaccinates people to head towards a collective cure.

In every situation, there is a part of the society who are nay-sayers. In this situation as well, there are communities who are identified as ‘Anti-vaxers’, who refuse to be vaccinated. They explain themselves with conspiracy theories of the vaccine being a mind-controlling drug or a drug that will track humans. This is also such a story where Joanna Overholt, a licensed nurse shows up in the Ohio House health committee meeting trying to prove that the vaccinations have made her body magnetic and fails to prove on the stand. Scroll down to read more of the story.More info & Photo courtesy: The Ohio Channel


This Nurse has brought a key and a bobby pin as objects, to prove that her body is turned magnetic. What this nurse is not aware of, is that most of the keys are not made out of iron and flat objects do have the tendency to stick on to flat surfaces.

In this case, she pressed the key on her chest which does stick to her. But the bobby pin and the key kept on to her neck did not stick as she claimed, even though she placed them with pressure on to the skin.

Scroll down to see the rest of the story and video of it as well. Comment down your ideas on this matter down in the comments section below.










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