This is yet another extraordinary friendship documented by a Finnish photographer named Lassi Rautiainen. The photographer followed a couple of unusual friends in the wilderness for ten days, spectating the friendship shared by a Brown male Bear and a Grey female Wolf.

More Info & Image Courtesy: |kesava

Even though they seemed to be an odd couple, the photographer watched as they shared their days with each other. They would roam, hunt and share the spoils of their hunt together the wilderness of Northern Finland.

It was unusual for these two species to get along together fine. The photographer suspects that they must have been with each other since they were cubs in order to develop such a deep and strong bond.

As much as they are two terrifying animals, they were seen to be having fun with each other and also sharing their meals without causing any fuss.

The playful duo captured on camera.

These friends would always be together throughout the day.

Nature has its own ways in creating beautiful friendships.

The photographer was touched by this friendship, that he followed them for 10 days.

This is one of the best examples from nature, showing us that anyone can get along putting our differences aside.

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