Kieran Dodds, a 39-year-old Scottish photographer, has been traveling the globe for seven years and has captured people with one thing: red hair.

“Look, stare, and marvel. That’s the point. Make connections all over the globe. People should be able to see the different portraits and enjoy our diversity, even if they don’t belong to the same group. He says that although we are all made from the same material, our individual tunings are unique.”

More info: Instagram | | Facebook | | “Gingers” book

Clockwise: Steven Mckay (Mother), Esther, Rebecca, Rebecca (Mother), Chloe and Lois, Scotland

Alexander Soued, Scotland, Born In 2011

Sveta Ni, Russia, Born In 1996

Nixie Connelly, Scotland

Photographer’s Daughters Izzy & Ada Dodds, Scotland

Lucy Fleming, Scotland, Born In 2005

Marteka Nembhard, Jamaica, Born In 2005

Gilad Belkin, Israel, Born In 1988

Randy Wong, Jamaica, Born In 1988

Tatiana and Valeria Korotaeva, Russia, born 1998 and 1999

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