Not everyone is born perfect, it’s okay to have disabilities and difficulties. Unless we think our disability is a weak point in our life, it actually is not. It is true that it’s difficult to get along with normally behaved people but it’s not impossible. The 14-year-old Bree Cox is the greatest example of that they actually can do anything if willed. She had been selected to the dance team of her school.More info & Photo courtesy: lovemakesmiracles_



Bree got selected to the dance team at her school.



The little lady from Murray, Utah had found out that she had been selected to the school dance team. It’s a big deal for anybody but for someone with down syndrome it’s a great achievement As Kecia Cox, her mommy has said at first, she has had a calm reaction but as she says the news to her daddy she had been emotional.



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Her emotions had come out as she tells her dad about the news.



She had tears of happiness and she’s proud of herself for the achievement, so as her all the others were also happy. Her mom had said that it was the first time Bree had cried out of joy, if not she cries when she feels bad.



She had received lots of love and congratulations, the video had received about 63K likes. Kacia had said that Bree loves dancing and she even learns her two older sisters’ dances. That she looks up to them and it had been her dream to be a part of the team.



It’s Bree’s dream to be a part of the team and she loves dancing.



Her mom had been worried about how she would take it if she was rejected. Kecia had said that Bree knows that she’s a little different but doesn’t think that she has a disability.

And she would not put Bree limitations but as a mommy, she’s worried that her daughter might get hurt.



Her achievement will make her stronger and make her feel that she’s capable of doing anything.



Bree is now working hard and seems busy and her happiness is still there. Her mom hopes that her daughter does well and not think that she’s incapable of anything. Hope this will change other’s lives too. 

#11. Bree had been congratulated by many people.

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