Families are the smallest but the most important units of any society. It supports individuals in many and any way possible with unconditional love and understanding. With the world changing and modernizing day by day, there are certain things that societies still consider taboo.

The LGBTQ community are considered as one of the taboo elements in a society. This man is Pablo from Argentina and he too is a member of this movement. So, expectations of a regular family or support from his own or the society is not generally available for Pablo. But one of Pablo’s biggest dreams was to become a father. Fighting for his own identity, he filled for adoption to give his dream a shot. After a long time of waiting, finally he received a call from his lawyer.More info & Photo courtesy: Pablo Fracchia

#1. The first day Pablo spent living his dream of being a father.

#2. Adoption takes a long process in Argentina, longer if you are gay.

Pablo met this little girl in a foster home/ hospital where she was living for over a year since her biological family couldn’t afford services for the health conditions she had. The name of the little girl was Mia and she was one year and 10 months old. From the very first moment they met each other, Pablo and Mia bonded really well.

#3. Finally Pablo became a father.

#4. Now Mia and Pablo are not alone in this world.

#5. They bonded with each other from the moment they met.

#6. Now Mia lives in a home filled with happiness.

#7. They cherish themselves every single day.

#8. The Judge was kind enough to give Pablo’s request to be heard at court.

#9. Mia has gone through her treatments and is completely healthy.

#10. Pablo had to give up his life of constant travelling to be a father and he loves it.

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