You might believe that to cosplay you need a lot of expensive supplies to create your outfit. However, as Anucha Saengchart (aka lonely man) demonstrates what you need are some simple materials and a little imagination. His funny Low-Cost Cosplay film in which he records how he turns into characters from pop culture and beyond on a budget and in a short amount of time has become a huge hit.

On the Low-Cost, Cosplay Facebook page, and Instagram account each post is a four-act outfit. Saengchart inspects the tool (or tools) he’ll be using to build his look in the first column. It may be a piece of candy body polish or even ketchup and French fries at times. He takes a shot of his work in progress in the second panel. The last two panels show a side-by-side contrast of his work and the original photograph.

Surprisingly by subtly organizing his materials or employing forced viewpoint, Saengchart catches the sense of who or what he’s attempting to portray. Are they exact replicas of the originals? Certainly not! But that’s part of the appeal of Low-Cost Cosplay and we wouldn’t get it any other way.

Scroll down to see some of our favorite budget cosplays from Saengchart.

Low Cost Cosplay: Facebook | Instagram

#01 Anucha Saengchart (aka lonely man) makes amusing “Low-Cost Cosplay” costumes.

#02 They show that you don’t need fancy materials to replicate pop culture figures all you need is a little imagination.















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