Friends are a big part of our lives, we had a bunch of friends when we were schooling that used to hangout all the time. But when you grow up to become and adult, you might have noticed that we tend to have a smaller and smaller circle of friends as we grow. It might surprise you when you compare the numbers of the present to the numbers you had when you were schooling.

This is an issue that we all face, lesser friends and it becomes harder to make new ones. Recently a lady posted a TikTok asking how to make new friends and its reply video went viral as it explained how to do it in a very simple approach. Scroll down to check out the entire story below.More info & Photo courtesy: TikTok


Greg Walters

This lady posted a TikTok earlier asking how she can make new friends as an adult.


As a reply to this TikTok. Another user replied giving his opinion on the issue. This explanation was so simple yet true, that this video started to go viral.


The way he broke it down, made it very simple. Human social behavior and psychology works in amazing ways. We exhaust and try to push it on to someone to be our friend and fail most of the time. But the key to this is to make yourself and the other person comfortable by being familiar, which doesn’t usually happen in a single day

What he suggests is to create a routine in your day to visit a group of people regularly in your day. When you become familiar, automatically you become friends.








Here is the video that went viral!


@connorthemiller#stitch with @carrotitty

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