Seems that the extinct Ice Age animals are been discovered. From the Yakutia region in Siberia where the temperatures are extremely cold, a well preserved woolly rhino had been found from melting permafrost. From the initial analysis, the sex of the rhino is not known but it is said that the rhino must have been 3-4 years old when dying. And also had said that it must have lived about 20,000-50,000 years ago. The rhino must have not lived with its mommy rhino and that maybe it has drowned and died.


Many parts and organs of the body had been preserved well due to freezing. The fur and its internal organs are well preserved and the animal can be identified clearly. The body of the rhino has had very thick fur of hazel color, teeth, a horn, and parts of its intestines, and also fat had been found. After the animal is moved to scientists in Yakutsk where the Mammoth museum is m0re about the rhino can be known. The animal had been found in the month of August.

With the changes in the climate during the summertime in Siberia, many fascinating things could be revealed from the ground. In Yakutia, this is not the first discovery, earlier Sasha, a baby rhino had been found in 2014 not far from where this one was found.

#2 The Rhino was found in Yakutia, Siberia

#3 Have a look at this video of the rhino

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