This is a very beautiful incident recorded by Lisianne from Quebec. She has been feeding a stray cat she found wandering in her garden. These two became friends really soon and hung out almost every day.

But one day the cat stopped coming, Lisianne was worried for a while until she found out why. The cat returned after a while, but this time she wasn’t alone. She came with her 6 kittens! This was a really exciting moment for Lisianne to see all 7 cats lined up outside her window. She took all of them in since they were too cute to resist and called a local rescue service to take care of them since she couldn’t handle the momma cat and her kittens together. One kitten is adopted and the other 5 are taken by the service. The momma cat found her home at Lisianne’s place and now the two friends live a happy life together.More info & Photo courtesy: Chatons Orphelins Montréal.











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