Amy Jandrisevits established an innovative business called A Doll Like Me about 4 years ago. Amy’s business made dolls that had facial characteristics similar to the doll’s owners. Amy believes that dolls are therapeutic for children with facial stigmas and other diseases. She thinks that such kids need a doll that looks a lot like them instead of a perfect mannequin.

Would you like to give shout-out out to Amy and share a few of her brilliant dolls that impressed every single kid who bought a doll from her business?

1. Black spots are the reason why Dalmatians are popular


2. It’s the small details that make a big difference


3. Sweet dreams buddies

sleeping boy

4. Look at the happiness in this cutie’s face

little girl doal

5. The true definition of cuteness overload

girl and doal

6. The twin pirates


7. It’s impressive how a doll can make one’s problems disappear

armless girl

8. Grumpy doll and happy boy

doal and boy

9. It’s great to have a friend that looks exactly like you!

little girl and a doal

10. Maybe Barbie needs to make more dolls like this one

girl and a doal

11. Every little girl deserves to feel special

check shirt

12. The sisters won’t mix up dolls now


13. One of the sweetest things in the world is a genuine smile of a little angel.


14. This little girl no longer feels sad about her eye-patch

eye patch

15. The Finding Nemo fan club

finding nemo boy

16. Who needs a doctor?

doctor girl

17. A bit of a messy hair, but still looks a lot like the owner

little boy

18. It’s a blessing to have a sleeping buddy that won’t wake you up during the night

sleeping boy

19. This girl looks thrilled with her twin doll

happy girl and doal

20. It does not have to be your birthday to receive the most perfect gift

baby doll pacifier

Which one out of the above pictures caught your attention the most? Aren’t these dolls perfect gifts for little ones? Please share your thoughts with us.

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