Women leave men they love. Yes they do. Even though they feel terrible about it. And even if their heart is going to break into little pieces- They will leave. After all the patience gone she will gather all the courage that exist in her spirit and will leave the men with whom they might even have homes and children.

There might be many reasons for this but there is one key reason and it has nothing to do with cheating.

A woman will leave the man she loves if he is not present. There maybe many excuses that he is not present because he is working, watching TV, going out, gaming and we all know list is long.

Many women saying that someone could come and sweep them off their feet and their man wouldn’t even notice. This is sad really because the words itself says how careless they are.

Not every men are bad. Some of them are really good who are extraordinary and caring fathers. They do love and support their family. However the mistake is taking their wives for granted by not being present simply.

Dear men you all can be angry but this is the sad truth. Your woman is not your property. She can leave anytime if she is not satisfied with the life you live with her. And she doesn’t owe you anything. That’s why you shouldn’t take her for granted.

All you need to do is being present and by that you will win her over day by day. She wants to feel your aliveness and your love for her. She wants you to listen to her and pay attention. Those little things really matters to her.

She will not ask but she needs a man who listens to her. A man who wants to know how her day was. And once in a while she wants you to looking at her deeply as if you are seeing her for the first time. She wants a man who is curious about her. To get to know every little part of her.

Be present with her. Try to give her full attention. She wants to feel you. She just doesn’t want quick dispassionate sex. She wants to feel your passion for life also passion and desire for her too.

Hold her hand and pay full attention. Notice what her presence means to you. What do you feel? What changes in your mind and body? This is called mindfulness. Be mindful.

And still some stupid men say they don’t have time. They are busy with other extra things in life. They won’t even worry to spend 15 minutes with their woman being completely open and present.

And at the end that’s the reason why a woman will leave a man like that even when she deeply in love with him.