Herds of elephants are known to take long walks to find food. But this herd of 15 elephants have taken a very long walk of around 500 kilometers. After they left their wildlife reserve in China, they were spotted strolling down villages and even an urban area. They did not harm anyone or themselves, they just ate food that might not have been theirs. 

It is not clear why this herd took such a long trip, passing these unconventional locations rather than sticking to the outskirts and the woods. On their long journey, these Asian elephants decided to take a nap around Kunking, China. Check out how they were captured on the lens of a camera and the rest of this story below.

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Experts have no special explanation for this behavior. They say that it might be because of urbanization, climate change, and deforestation. Elephants require a large area to roam and to feed. When urbanization chops their territory off, they have no option other than to move out of their lands and find other options. 





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Even though this specific herd of elephants have not caused any damage to property or lives, except some food and crops, others might become defensive about their natural territories. These issues have caused the loss of many human and animal lives over the years. As a species of responsible beings on this planet, we should be mindful not to push any animal out of their homes by destroying them for purposes of greed. Share your comments about this with us and check out this video about this herd.


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