Organic Skincare Products

Skincare products play an important role in keeping our skin healthy, nourished and keeping us looking our best. Unfortunately, many are full of harmful chemicals and additives that can irritate our skin or hurt our health. Thankfully, organic skincare exists and seeks to provide people with quality products, without harmful ingredients.

However, before you go and buy every organic product you can find, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself a little more on the topic. With that in mind, this blog post is going to go over what you should know about organic skincare products.

Know the Benefits of Organic Skincare Products

Organic Skincare Products

First up, you need to be aware of the benefits that organic skincare can provide you with. First of all, as we briefly touched on earlier, they will be better for your skin and health. Many traditional products will clog pores, increase sensitivity and lead to a higher toxic concentration of harmful chemicals in your body.

Organic products are clean, and shouldn’t irritate your skin. Organic products will also be better for the environment, and many are completely cruelty-free.

Many are also quite versatile, as well. For example, high-quality organic argan oil from the Argan oil shop is great for oily skin, can protect from sun damage, and help with anti-aging. Deeply hydrating and revitalizing argan oil can even keep your skin nourished and improve infections and wound healing.

Natural Doesn’t Mean Organic

While many use the terms natural and organic interchangeably, this isn’t correct. There are actually no (or in some cases very limited) rules or regulations for “natural” products, so companies are free to call their products natural, even if they aren’t.

So if you buy something natural, you really can’t be too sure whether the ingredients come from. While not all products labeled natural are bad, since there is little to no regulation, you are generally safer buying something that is certified as organic.

The organic market is very regulated and anything that has an organic label you can be confident about actually being organic.

There are Different “Levels” of Organic

However, just because something says it’s organic may not always tell the full story. While many people think organic is organic, there are actually multiple different levels or stages when it comes to organic ingredients. In total, there are four different levels for how organic something can be.

First, you have “100 Percent Organic” which means everything in the product is organic. Then, you have “Organic”, which means that over 95% of the ingredients meet the standards for being called organic. The thor level is “Made with Organic Ingredients” which means that 70% of their ingredients are organically produced. Lastly, for products with under 70% organic ingredients, these specific organic ingredients can be listed, but the product will not be able to have an organic seal.

While all are likely better than traditional products and definitely have better ingredients, make sure to know just how organic the products you buy are.

We hope this blog post has been able to help you learn a little more about organic skincare products.

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