Fortunately, 174 foxes have been saved from a Chinese fur farm, it is all because of warm-hearted people in this world. According to the Good News Network, the main reason to close the farm was lack of funds. However, people like Karen Gifford and a woman named BoHe influenced to this incident in order to rescue the foxes. Rescuing the foxes is not the only one they did as a good thing, they also found a Buddhist monastery as a new shelter for the foxes.

It all started when people of the Buddhist Jilin Nursing Garden in Mudanjiang, China, heard the news that the fox farm was closing. It was also informed that the Foxes to be disposed of. The clear meaning would be they would be killed. Therefore, it became a sad fact for the residents, so they decided to welcome these foxes at the monastery.

Gifford has lately been recording the rescue initiative. She’s been helped mostly by BoHe, who controls a local dog sanctuary which is home to 2,400 canines, many of them were saved from the dog meat trade.

Finally, foxes are in a harmless place, however, Gifford is now raising donations to support buy food for the critters. Foxes can stay at the monastery until helpers or volunteers can build a permanent shelter.


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