We all know that in this age of the internet, having an attractive website is the top priority for a business. After all, websites are now considered brand representatives, and people often judge the quality and reputation of a brand based on the website. And this is where Elementor comes to the rescue. It helps brands develop an attractive website and assists in reaching their business goal.

Add Google Reviews Widget

Another essential aspect that stands shoulder to shoulder with a good website is trust. In short, an attractive online presence and credibility help brands establish themselves and achieve their business goals. Therefore brands are now choosing to embed Google reviews widget to Elementor website.

When it comes to the review platforms, Google review has a great reputation and stands as the most trusted review platform. When brands showcase these reviews on their respective website, it helps to build some credibility. So, if you are looking for tools that can help you to embed Google review widget on Elementor website, then you are here for the treat. Because in this blog, we have listed the best tools currently available in the market that helps you in this cause.

Top Rated Tools That Enables You to Embed Google Reviews Widget on Elementor

The Google review widget works like an operational block on the website that enables users to display Google reviews on the website. The tools mentioned below provide you with the dedicated Google review widget and also provide you with a simple and manageable solution to add these widgets to your website.

1. Tagembed

Tagembed is a prominent social media aggregator tool that helps users collects social media feeds from their desired social media platforms. Tagembed provides users with a wide range of 20+ social media platforms. After collecting the content, the users have the option to curate and customize the content as per their needs and then display it beautifully on the website.

The tool allows users to collect Google reviews from their respective Google My Business accounts. With the coding-free procedure, you can embed Google review widget on the Elementor website. Alongside easing the process and making it coding-free, the tool also offers various useful features that make this tool as an ideal marketing tool. The features include a customization feature that enables users to personalize their content as per their needs.

It also provides the moderation feature that allows users to remove irrelevant reviews or mislead the consumers. That means you can remove the also offers various layouts and themes, so users can select the one that best suits the look and feel of the website and brand. Moreover, the tool equips users with an auto-update feature; this feature updates the feed automatically. That means, as consumers post their feedback on the source, the widget displays it automatically, and there is no need to refresh the feed manually.

Custom CSS, custom CTA, and responsive widget are some of the other major feature from many.

2. Elfsight

Elfsight is another powerful tool that enables the user to collect social media feeds to display on the website. With the help of this tool you can embed Google widget on your Elementor website and even use the customization feature to personalize the widget as per the need.

Like the tool mentioned above, Elfsight also provides ample features that help you extract more benefits from this strategy. For example, you can change the look of your widget and personalize it as per your need. Moreover, you also have the freedom to moderate the content and showcase the reviews that you wish to flaunt.

3. The Plus Addon Social Review Widget

Adding Google reviews on the website can help you build brand credibility and at the same time, helps you in winning the trust of your potential customers. The Google review widget is one phenomenal tool that enables you to maintain the market reputation.

The Plus Addon Social Review Widget provides is one of the best tools in the market that provides you with a dedicated Google Review widget. The tool also helps you to embed Google Review widget on Elementor website. It makes the whole embedding process manageable and restricts it to just a few clicks. Alongside that, it also offers you with the option of multiple layout options to showcase the reviews; it makes the widget more attention-grabbing and fulfills the purpose of adding Google reviews to the website.

Over to You

Add Google Reviews Widget

There you have it; the tools mentioned above are currently the best-rated tools available in the market. You can find them with ease and operate them with comfort.

So what are you waiting for?

Use these tools now, select the one that suits you, and embed Google review widget on Elementor website. A good market reputation is just a few clicks away; remember, if you snooze, you lose.

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