Any baby is cute no matter what type of species they are. This is an adorable news coming from a New York Zoo Seneca Park. Meet the adorable baby Snow Leopard who opened its eyes just few days ago!

They are usually their native grounds are Asian regions such as the Himalayans, Nepal and also the Siberian woods as well. They have also been bred in captivity for conservation reasons in some countries. So, this is about such one such cub which was born captive in New York!More info & Photo courtesy:  Seneca Park Zoo | Wikipedia | Facebook


This baby has not have been given a name yet, because it needs to get back to its health before its public appearance. This cub has gone through a phase of infections and breathing problems and its only 19 days old. It has been carefully taken care and monitored by the Zoo veterinary staff. Now, it has been showing better signs of health and with the special event of the cub opening its eyes for the first time. The Zoo has much better hope for the little cub’s health and future.


Unfortunately this cub has been kept separated from its mother because it needs very special care in this time, until it is fully healthy to live as a healthy Snow Leopard. Adam Bello, who is the Executive of Monroe County, posted this news on his Facebook account on this matter last Wednesday. Please leave your comments about this matter in the comments section below!


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