Chinchillas are adorable animals with fluffy fur coats. They are known for their looks, but did you know that they have cute round butts too? These chinchilla butts are so perfectly round and we have the Cameron Holmes of Camerons Chinchillas in the UK to thank for that.

These rodents are treated well, and they naturally look like this. Originating from the Andes mountains of South America, their thick fur serves as a protector against harsh climate conditions.

They clean themselves by taking dust baths in the mornings. They love snacking and taking naps too.

“We turn the lights and say good morning to all of the chinchillas and each of them is waiting by their food hopper waiting for it to be filled up.”

They are just so adorable, aren’t they?

Such fluffy little things.

I’m sure they would love to cuddle in to your hands.

Look at this cuteness!

Can’t take how precious they are.

We thank whoever took these pics!

You can see more of them on their Instagram | Facebook | camchinchillas.

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