This is an amazing act of kindness from an animal which no one thought of. A group of friends out on a boat in Norwegian seas near Hammerfest noticed a peculiar stranger who was tagging along them. It was a Beluga whale, it was clearly visible with its color in the icy waters.

At first it observed these group of young people on their boat and later got close to them. The people in the boat noticed a harness strapped on to the whale, indicating that it must have been trained before it got out into the open seas of Norway. The whale got really friendly tagging along the boat, very close to the surface.More info & Media courtesy: isaopdahllarsson | contentbible

One of the young ladies named ‘Mansika’, accidently dropped her phone into the water as she was reaching over the boat to pet their newly-made friend. With the sudden accident, Minsika and her friends were in shock since there was absolutely nothing to be done in such a situation to recover the phone. At this moment, something truly amazing happened, the friendly whale turned around and went after the sinking phone, grabbed it and brought it back up to the surface, right back to Minsika. It shocked everyone in the boat, but one of Minsika’s friends recorded the entire footage on her phone! It went viral as soon as the footage got in to social media. Check out this amazing act by this adorable Beluga whale and do not forget to leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

#1. The Amazing Beluga Whale

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