At the loss of loved ones we actually break down. It feels like things will and so, but actually, we have to move on in life.  Some wise words were shared on Reddit by u/GSnow, an elderly person as a response to a saddening post that said ‘My friend just died. I don’t know what to do’. He had given a lot of advice and had explained the complexity of grieving. It’s really helpful for someone who’s in such a situation.Via: BoredPanda

#1. An unknown user had shared a saddening message.

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#2. The wise words shared by the older person.


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Image credits:  bored panda

Dr. Lise Deguire had spoken with the Bored Panda, and she had said about insights of grief. She’s a clinical psychologist and also the author of ‘Flashback Girl: Lessons on Resilience From a Burn Survivor’. She had said that grief is a natural reaction to loss and had said that aspects of grieving can have similar symptoms to clinical depression like sadness, hopelessness, tearfulness, etc… and that reactions don’t pose a danger as they do not go on for a long time.

She had volunteered in helping a local hospital and there she had done few sessions along with a team who had lost their families due to the current pandemic. And had said that almost everyone had the above-said symptoms. She had said that they were relieved to know that their reactions were normal and temporary.

And for the question, how we could help such people she had said that we should listen to them and give them support and care. She had said that many don’t talk to those people as they don’t want to hurt by asking but actually they don’t feel hurt because they think about the loss most of the time. She had said that when we talk about it to them, they feel that we care and we get that they are sad. And it helps them to heal.

Lise had said that she agrees with the older person. And that when we loved someone truly we never get out of their loss completely and the pain would be a part of us. But with time the grief gets less and happy times remembered. And then it’s easy to cope with the grief.

#7. Many had responded to the wise words of the man.


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