“Adoption” is a so common word in western countries as well as in European countries. People adopt babies, physically or mentally disabled children or grown-ups, infants, animals, etc. Anyway, adoption is a good thing. Because it means that we are contributing ourselves to make helpless animals or people’s lives better.

Normally when selecting people or especially the animals, we tend to pick ones who can annoy us the least. And if the most help needed animals are having the worst health or the worst behavioral pattern, we try to neglect them and pick an easy-going one. Although this is bad, this is a common human mindset.

Now, I’m going to tell you a story which made me so emotional. KaTarra Taylor is a technical account manager who lives in Colorado. She adopted a highly aggressive dog who can’t trust humans at all. If someone from his family or a stranger intentionally or unintentionally does something that makes him angry, he would bite the person. But this selfless woman rescued this tough fellow in hopes of treating him with a lot of patience, affection and love so that he would be able to change his bad behaviors.

The aggressive dog with bad behavior
Image Source: Facebook

This dog Bentley wasn’t kind of the easiest dogs to care for. He had the worst past ever. But this amazing lady KaTarra trains him daily, trying a lot to calm his anxiety and vanish his aggressiveness. She also wanted to give a grassy land for Bentley, so he can walk freely and can play a lot.

helping her dog

Information Source: Facebook

helping their bad dog

KaTarra informed her boyfriend that she needs to present a grassy land to her tough guy Bentley. At first, he didn’t want to care, but then he took this task on his own and worked tirelessly and proved that actions are way stronger than the words.

The Backyard: Before

The back yard then
Image Source: Facebook

The Backyard: When This Man Was Working On It 


boyfriend is working on the backyard
Image Source: Facebook
the way her boy friend worked his ass off
Information Source: Facebook


the grass cover
Image Source- Facebook

The Backyard: Now

the dog is lying on the grass yard
Image Source: Facebook
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