The whole world has started to change right after the assassination of George Floyd by a white police officer last May 25. The Black Lives Matter movement was established in 2013 as a response to the clearing of the black spots of Trayvon Martin’s murderer. Anyway, this movement has re-activated with a bigger and better version due to the unfair killing of a black man.
From this particular incident, people all across the world got to know that racism still exists in America. So, people wanted to place a full stop to this, and eliminate each and everything related to this word from the whole world. So they got together and started to rally in dozens of the cities.

The unstoppable curfew is still active in Los Angeles. The new, strong 8 feet tall fencing is still protecting the White House. One of the popular activities during the hullabaloo is, destroying the racist monuments across the country. Although we can’t delete the history by taking down the racist monuments, this activity has now become a trending item.

The Monuments Which Were Taken Down

· The statue of Jefferson Davis in Virginia
· A monument for slave trader Edward Colston in Bristol
· Christopher Columbus statues around the country and so on.

Anyway, the funny fact is that people are finding solutions to replace the deleted statues and destroyed monuments. There’s this one guy called Jack who came up with a beautiful idea.

Jack’s tweet received around 500K likes and 1.6K comments. And a lot of people supported that idea while some people gave more ideas to strengthen the tube man idea. Anyway, most of the people admitted this idea because it gives a beautiful, rich look to the landscape.






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