Part of rejuvenating and keeping our body healthy is giving importance to our body’s cells. As we live our busy lives, many factors like stress, pollution, illnesses, work overload, and many others can have negative impacts on the cells of our bodies. In order to clean, repair, and continually produce new cells that will help our body perform its functions, we need to include the alkaline-forming foods in our daily diet. Read on below to know more about these healthy foods that can boost the alkaline levels in our system and promote cell growth and repair.


A commonly used spice in many kitchens, oregano, is an alkaline-forming herb that can increase the production of white blood cells making our immune system stronger. It stimulates white blood cell production and helps our body recover from illnesses faster. It also has numerous organic compounds that are helpful in protecting the body from several diseases.

Sea Salt

Also known as bay salt, sea salt is actually produced by salt-water evaporation. If you compare it to refined salt, you will notice that it is a bit darker because of the essential mineral absorption.

Sea salt provides our body with the right pH level by promoting the elimination of acid excess in our body through urination. It also has various essential minerals like zinc, calcium, copper, chloride, and potassium, all of which facilitate excellent functioning of the body.

Wild rice

There are many types of rice, but the healthiest kind is wild rice. It promotes a more robust immune system and enhances the production of white blood cells in the body. As we know, our white blood cells are our initial defense against harmful microorganisms and pathogens.

Wild rice can also increase collagen production in the body, an essential compound that supports the regeneration process. Collagen helps in repairing damaged cells, tissues, and several organs of our bodies.

Sea (Irish) Moss

This nutritious sea herb that usually comes in a powder form that can be sprinkled to salad, soups, or stir-fried vegetables is packed with many beneficial antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients. Check out the Irish moss and other Dr. Sebi herbs on this website.  

Sea moss is rich in Vitamin B, particularly riboflavin and folate, which help our body in capitalizing the energy stored in food that we eat. When folate is combined with B12, they also aid in the creation of red blood cells.

The compound called citrulline-arginine that is found in sea or Irish moss has been subjected to studies that showed its capacity to improve metabolism and cell growth.

Alkaline Foods

Many other alkaline-forming foods can help us make sure that our bodies have healthy cells that repair and reproduce optimally. Teff, wakame, peaches, cantaloupes, burro bananas, soursop, and watercress are just some other examples. Start including them in your diet for a boosted immune system through cleaning, repairing, and producing robust cells in the body. 

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