Does the contemporary world order need to be dismantled? If the betterment of humanity and a better future of humanity is concerned, then yes. But it cannot be dismantled without certain important paradigms that are all-inclusive. From Climate to the Armed Consensus, everything is of great importance for the better future of humanity.

Green Energy & Calamity of Climate

It is a reality, not a myth that the planet is facing the horrendous threat of Global Warming. The temperature of the world was quite less a century ago before the industrial age even started. What is the relation between the industrial age and global warming? The industries are running on non-renewable energy that is severely escalating the temperature of the globe causing Global Warming. How to contain it? Do you know that the Sun showers the equal energy on earth in the form of sun rays in a single day that humanity collectively consumes in a year using non-renewable sources? Hell of a difference. What if the human learns to turn that energy out into their interests instead of non-renewable energy? The most important fact, the energy being showered by the Sun is green and clean energy. It serves no harm to humanity. It serves only the endless advantages to humanity. It serves only the betterment of the energy. Corporate Safety Program to save their eyes from the horrendous effects of Global Warming. Clean and Green energy ensures a good future for generations.


Existing fundamentals of the financial system rest in the conventional currency. Different economies, different currencies, different financial systems, different interests, and different nations. Observing this very difference? A possibility of symmetry seems nearly impossible. What if a global currency is there for every nation, every individual, and every economy? And more importantly, what that global currency is decentralized out of bounds from central currency systems in the world? That’s the ideal symmetry that needs to be achieved in this world. Can be achieved or this is merely an assumption? Yes, it can be achieved.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence can take over the technological fronts to change the existing order of accomplishments. It already is leaving its marks in the spheres of Medical, Sports, Health, and Space Studies. Like other paradigms necessary to change the world order, these very paradigms are also vibrant and quite integral for building a better future for humanity.

Single Global Economic Structure

Economies in the world battle every day on the shores of Stock Exchanges in the world. These battles are going on for decades. Until when? When would there be a single-structured economy in the world? When would there be an economy in the world that doesn’t promote the economic indicators of a particular nation but the entire humanity? That seems like a dream. A dream of a single global economic structure where all the nations are prospering. A single economic structure that promotes the economic indicators of all the nations on the face of the earth and not a particular nation? That’s the long way to go to achieve that economic symmetry in the world. From tech to the Eyeweb Safety; everything is available for everyone on the face of this planet. That’s the real economic symmetry in the world. These economic indicators would be regarded as the Guardians of Humanity. The prevailing unrest in the world is due to the economic disparity in the world. Some of the economies are too stable. Some of the economies are too volatile. There is a contrast amongst the humanities that is causing the difference in the world. These differences would grow to get widening all over the globe.

All-Inclusive Tools To Change World Order And Build A Better Future

Single Global Armed Alliance

At present, there can be seen a lot of cants all over the world. Some of these cants are in favor of certain nations. Some of these cants are against certain nations. There is no symmetry amongst these cants. There is no single cant that represents the interests of all. All these cants are biased due to their internal interests. In order to protect their internal interests, they compromise over the interests of other nations. Treaties are working likewise. International pacts are working likewise. International platforms are working likewise. What there is a threat that goes for all of humanity and for any particular nation? Who would be the leader then? Everyone would be the leader of their own. They would fall in a fortnight if they face the danger single-handedly. What if there is a single cant representing a noting but the humanity? A single cant doesn’t need to be formulated in times of crisis. It can also be formulated to protect the interests of humanity in times of peace and prosperity. So that no one goes out of the fold of humanity and no one goes into the folds of superiority.

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