The historic elements have an amazing power of attracting people and history lovers towards them. With many new discoveries, historic elements surprise us at times. One such wonderful discovery is a women’s boot that was found in 1948 in the Altai Mountains in Siberia. This ancient shoe seems to be a women’s shoe with bedazzled patterns and soft red leather. And is said that it’s about 2,300 years old. Seems that the Altai mountains had preserved the shoe for a quite long time And when the shoe was found there had been other items like weapons jewelry and food along with it.

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Ancient shoe
image credits: State Hermitage Museum

These people had been Scythian nomadic that travel around the Eurasian continent. It is believed that the shoe was found from a burial in the mountains that had belonged to the Scythians. And it seems that like some other ancient people they also had buried the bodies along with things that belong to the person so that it would be helpful for them to travel to the afterlife.

They had made a big cabin out of wood and had buried the bodies by putting the belongings into it. As per what the historians say these nomadic people had often socialized by sitting on their knees in front of a fire and therefore even the others can their shoes. And with the clean and tidy look of the shoe, there are theorists that say the shoe might have been made for burial. Currently, the shoe is in the State Hermitage Museum as a part of the ancient artifacts collection in st. Petersburg in Russia


Approximate extent of Scythia in 1st century BCE. (Photo: Dbachmann via Wikimedia Commons [CC BY-SA 3.0])


h/t: [Open Culture]

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