The Ocean is one of the largest environments on this planet, which is the home for a massive amount of life forms including the world’s largest creature as well. From time to time, these amazing creatures will amaze us by resurfacing, in this case literally.

This is a very lucky and astonishing moment as a Scuba diver; Craig Capeheart witnessed a massive, 40-ton whale completely launch itself out of water for a beautiful splash. This was also recorded as footage by Capeheart, and it is yet another amazing footage that the world will get to see. This is a very unusual incident since you do not get to see a whale of this size do a complete jump out of the water than the usual resurfacing while being submerged in water. Scroll down to check out more about this amazing incident.

More info & Photo courtesy: Giphy via Mashable


Whale Jumping Out Of Water
Giphy via Mashable

This sighting took place in the South-Eastern seas off of the South African coast. This act of leaping out of the water is called “breaching” by the experts. It is known to be a form of communication for groups of whales at far distances. It is the same as the tail slap done by the whales much often, but that is considered as communication for shorter distances.

These amazing creatures use these communication methods which most of us humans cannot even make sense of. But that is the beauty of nature and the animal kingdom. It is so diverse and amazing that we should cherish every part of it.

And the footage of Capeheart is definitely something to marvel at. Check it out below and leave your thoughts about this in the comments section below.


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