Art is a very creative and flexible medium for artists to twist and create art as they want to. When we discuss art, the art of Photography is a very common and popular form of art in modern society.

Photography can capture photographs in amazing ways that no one would understand until they see them. This article discusses such an incredible photoshoot a photographer has done. Meet Donald Yip who is a travel photographer in Australia. He recently posted a picture that he captured of himself in Victoria, Australia. This involved the starry night sky, an abandoned bus, and a drone to create an amazing photo that a lot of people were amazed by. Scroll down to read how he prepared for this amazing shot below.More info & Photo courtesy: Donald Yip | Facebook | Instagram


Donald Yip

This amazing photo is of an abandoned bus out in the open near Lake Tyrell, with the glamorous night sky above and a halo of a ring of light above the bus. Yip had this idea when he found this bus which was discarded and had graffiti painting on it.

Using a light inside the bus the illuminate it with the drone circling around to create the halo, Yip created a jaw-dropping long-exposure shot. He had his friend stand on the bus while making the halo the main source of light.


Donald Yip

This shows how a person can use the art of photography to create amazing pictures without and post-editing or manipulation. If you are creative, it’s just a matter of acquiring the skillset to see your visions come true.

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Donald Yip
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