We all are amazed by wildlife and their amazing nature. The animal kingdom is so varied and broad that there are all sorts of animals living in different habitats with totally different specifications. But even when that is the case there are some cases where rare appearances or mutations of those animals are seen.

This is about a very rare and also very adorable ‘Pink Dolphin’. Yes, you might not believe that it is a real animal, but you will find out that it is pretty soon. This was an actual sighting of a real ‘Pink Dolphin’ which was photographed and recorded by some boaters down in the waters of Louisianna. Scroll down to read more and to check the media out below.



This cute dolphin is named “Pinkie”. The dolphin is not a newcomer in the waters to the people of Louisianna. Studied to be a female animal, she has been quite friendly with the boaters and anyone who was within her reach.



A boater says that she was spotted swimming close to boats more than a decade ago. If you are wondering about the appearance of this very unusual animal. Wildlife experts have identified that this is a case of Albinism. This causes the loss of pigment and under their gray-colored skin is apparently pink-toned skin!



For many years Pinkie has been very enthusiastically swimming around the boaters. But recent footage captured this beautiful animal in the water and it went viral, all over the internet. So, we have gathered these pictures and the footage for you. Scroll down to check out the footage and comment your thoughts about this very adorable animal.




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