Amazon forest has been single-handedly absorbing a gigantic amount of carbon emission and it has produced a greater amount of oxygen. It has been and still is a vital element in this Planet’s climate control and in the balance of almost all ecosystems all around the world.

With the uncontrollable fires that have been around since 2019, a lot of Amazon’s areas have been damaged. And it is clear in a report from 2019-2020, that it has been emitting more carbon dioxide from the Amazonian forests than the amount it absorbs. It is estimated to be around 20% more of Co2 levels than this rainforest absorbs. Please scroll down to read more on this story.More info & Photo courtesy: The GuardianBBC | DepositPhotos



In 2019 the National Institute for Space Research said it has detected that the Western part of the Amazon is facing deforestation and lost 11% of it already. The Eastern part faces the same and has lost more than 30% of the forest. These huge numbers were given out in 2019 while all of these processes were still going on.

There are many uprisings of civil unrest towards this issue locally and globally. But the governments do not move into initiatives that would make a bigger change. The problem with deforestation is that the law books have rules that have enough range to put a lot of these actions to a halt. But there are issues with enforcing the law by the officials and the government itself. Few European countries have taken steps to push these governments by halting trade deals. They have done it until the governments start a proper plan and put it into action to protect and secure Amazon.

This issue does not only affect those countries, but the entire world and the generations to come. Amazon is called the ‘Lungs of the Earth’. We as humans living on this planet should save the ‘Lungs’ that ensure life on Earth.



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