The internet is overflowing with the most hilarious and outrageous things you can buy, Inflatable zipper hoody, pillow in the shape of a bread, pizza blanket, anything you imagine. The Internet’s wide universe is here to bring you all of it. Obviously these ideas, are not a really outrageous or rule-bending thing. But if that was too mellow for you, we’ve got something here for you that the Internet’s good people just can’t wrap their heads around.

However, There’s a baby onesie that can serve as a mop.

The German company “Babymop” advertises the item, arguing that it is a perfect way to use the independence of your infant to assist with everyday tasks, while also protecting them. “the fine tissue and the tender bones of your offspring while it cleans your floor.”

That’s available for purchase on Amazon

It was initially designed by a German company, which proposed that parents use their children’s versatility.


It will suit children between the ages of 8 and 12 months since that is the period that they crawl the most. Yet Amazon does have choices for 3-to-6-month-olds as well as 6-to-9-month-olds so you can always make use of your child rolling around on the floor.


While some individuals may even take this seriously and suggest encouraging even the smallest members of the family to learn the importance of cleaning up and doing tasks, most of them found it hilarious and took it even further by posting hilarious comments.

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