Amazon is the world’s biggest rainforest and the diversity of the fauna and the fauna within this forest is tremendous. Amazon has been the source of many fictions, movies and many people love the secrecy and exotica associated with this forest. However, the news of a 3-week-long fire in Amazon has caught everyone’s attention now and many people around the world are weeping with that.

There is no need to mention the critical condition the world is facing now. Each day, the ozone layer is getting destructed and more than anytime, it is vital to have more trees around us at this age. But, unfortunately, even in this critical situation, many rainforests around the world are getting burnt.

Image credit: NICK ROSE
Image credit: NICK ROSE

Last Tuesday, the #PrayForAmazonia went viral on the internet and that is how many people got to know about the incident. The reason for the fire is still not known clearly and many people are wondering whether it is a natural cause or something done with human intervention. However, many people are in the view that the destruction to Amazon took place on a larger scale basically under the Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro. He has made the opening for co-operating sectors to exploit this green heaven and this fire is the latest horrible situation of Amazon.

Image credit: WMO | OMM

Many people are wondering about the lack of media coverage given to the incident. Even before this three-week-long massive fire, several situations of deforestations have been reported and if this situation continues, not only the Brazilians but also the whole world would suffer for sure.

Image credit: NASA 

As global citizens, we must make the world aware of this critical situation prevails in Brazil, and do our best to protect Amazon. So, share this news among everyone and get the attention of the authorities to this critical condition. #PrayForAmazonia!

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