Countries are different from one another in many aspects. Currency, Language, Ethics, Culture and so many more. Countries across the globe add their own taste into the things done over there. It might differ from one country to another, making people from different countries look at them as ‘foreign’ things.

This is a story about an American social media influencer named Lara Fourie, who had to shift to Melbourne, Australia for school. At first she was really excited to move across the globe for a newer experience. For her surprise, she found a lot of things to be different. Not scary difficult, but it was not done like the in the country she came from.

So, this sparked an idea in her head to take these facts to Tiktok. Since she was already an influencer, all she had to do is gather the facts and go present them. She started to create content on how different life is in Australia in contrast to the United States. Her content is mainly based around the school and the schooling culture that she gets to experience more often. Making these videos did not disappoint her, her followers had a really good response and new followers flowed in, making her videos trend across the platform. This shows how interesting diversity really is. No matter if it is just about schooling and about its environment. Scroll down to check out some screenshots of her content or you can follow the links below to her social media accounts. Do no forget to leave your ideas in the comments section below!More info & Photo courtesy:  TikTok


















@llarafourieCulture shocks I had when moving to Melbourne! #australia #america♬ Wii Shop Channel – McTweet

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