3D printing now gives creative people a fabulous chance to create incredible things. And such one incredible creation is the first-ever 3D printed Steel Bridge, MX3D Bridge. It was opened in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. This incredible creation was designed by  Joris Laarman Lab and MX3D, founded by Laarman and Arup. In 2015 it had been proposed and for its completion, it had taken many years and about 4.9 tons of stainless steel and for the fabrication, it had taken 6 months. And what’s more interesting about this is that robot arms that could weld the stainless steel rods had been used to assemble this.More info & Photo courtesy: Joris Laarman LabInstagram | Twitter | VimeoMX3D | Instagram | Facebook | YouTubeArupInstagram | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn


Queen Máxima of the Netherlands crossing the bridge (Photo: Adriaan de Groot)

Though it’s the only bridge that was made like this it might be very helpful to 3D print structures that would be created in the future. Also, the materials used are environmentally friendly materials. Laarman, the co-founder of MX3D had said that evolution is a truly wonderful process that they try to harness in their work. Also had said that endlessly trying, refining, improving until slowly, something emerges that is so ingenious. It looks like magic if you don’t know what went on before.


Photo: Thijs Wolzak

It seems that their aim is to make such creations that capture the magic using the new technology. Monitoring the performance of the MX3D bridge is their next step and they’ll be able to observe the performance of the bridge through the sensors that were developed by Alan Turing Institute and Arup.

#3 World’s first 3D printed steel bridge

Photo: Thea van den Heuvel


Photo: Merlin Moritz


Photo: Jan de Groen


Photo: Thea van den Heuvel

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