You might have seen fish that has come out of the water but have you ever seen a penguin walking on the streets being out of the Arctic. Lala is a penguin who had accidentally got caught in a fishing net with its wing and beak injured. After a fisherman had found him he had brought him to a family named Nishimoto in Japan. There the people had taken care of him and he had healed. But surprisingly the penguin had not left them instead they had stayed with the people. The kind-hearted people had then built a refrigerated room under their house for him to stay.More info & Photo courtesy: YouTube


Screenshot: YouTube

During the time he had spent with the humans one day he had left his cold room and got out on the streets of Japan. With a backpack that looked like a penguin, he walks down the streets. In one of the videos that were taken in the 1990s, it is seen that he walks to a fish shop and there he gets treated with a fish. Also, one neighbor puts water on to him through a hose to cool him down as he was walking under the bright sun. after spending quality time with his Nishimoto family he had passed away in 1998 saddening them all.

#2 Have a look at Lala waking down the street to a fish shop and getting treated from there

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