Knowing the importance of water safety is a good thing as you never know when it could come in handy. This 8-month pregnant mom Stephanie Swedberg had recently had faced such a situation. She usually attends the church every Sunday, but on that particular day, she had thought to give her twin sons, 3-year-old some swimming lessons.

The centers for Disease Control and Prevention had said that one of the main reasons for the deaths of children of age 1-14 is drowning. So she had thought to give her children some useful skills. She also had been a lifeguard for 5 years and has been learning the importance of water safety. But until this situation that had happened that day, she hasn’t used her lifesaving skills.



She had been in the water of Crystal Beach Park which is in Burnsville, Minnesota. While she was teaching her sons to float on the water there had been some other boys in the water in the deep side. And all of a sudden she has seen a mom running towards the water in all her clothes and screaming.

And then Stephanie had seen one of the boys trying to keep his head up. The boy had been drowning but no one on the shore had known what to do. Then she had quickly handed her sons to her sister and though being pregnant had swum as fast as she could to save the child. It seems that the change of Sunday plans was for good. It had helped her to save a precious life.


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