The subconscious mind, which acts like a data bank that’s absent in the conscious mind, stores everything that we come across including memories, beliefs, previous experiences and skills. The details that grasp our attention in certain images have the ability to reveal many secrets about our subconscious mind, which acts as our guidance system.

It would be amazing if we can reach to the depths of the subconscious mind and discover our true passions, but unfortunately, that’s impossible. But, we can reveal bits of our personalities by certain psychological tests that are directly connected to our conscious behavior.

Check out the picture below, take note of the first animal you see and scroll down to find out what it reveals about your personality!

personality test

The Zebra


If the first animal you saw was the zebra, you have a very outgoing and influential personality. You are very fun to be around and know how to make the best out of every moment. You actively engage in work, and your unpredictable nature is truly infectious. However, you need new stimulation constantly, because if not, you can get bored.

The Giraffe


You are very sociable by nature and is a very friendly person. You know how to easily adapt to any situation, and get along with others. Also, you love to talk! But this outside personality facade your actual inner personality, which is a very sensitive one. You are extremely loyal to your friends, and you expect the same loyalty in return. You are adventurous, therefore you need constant change, and you hate routine and mundane lifestyles.

The Cat


Without much difference to real-life cats, you are truly an introvert. You hate unwanted attention, and only like it when you want it. You like to associate a very limited number of loyal friends, and you like to observe things from a distance. Because you don’t enjoy associating with many people, others might think you’re shy. But in reality, you’re not! You like to keep your circle very small because you are highly focused on your growth, which is not a bad thing at all. You are highly self-dependent, self-sufficient, and independent, which is remarkable!

The Pig


You are independent by the sense of the word, and love to be alone. You are intelligent and analytical, so you easily stay away from others’ drama. Your mind is on the move all the time, and you hate explaining yourself to others. You are highly observant and is a perfectionist who never misses a detail. You have a great memory as well. Therefore, due to all these skills, you mostly fit investigative work! And finally, although you feel like you’re an extrovert, you’re not. It’s just difficult for you to get along with others.

The Duck


If the first animal you saw was the duck, then you are a very optimistic person. You have a very positive outlook on life in every situation. You always find something to be grateful for in every difficult situation, and never allow yourself to feel down and discouraged. You never miss opportunities, and you always live in the moment. Your adventurous personality is truly attractive!

The Rabbit


If the first animal you saw was the rabbit, it means that you’re creative by birth! Your energetic and optimistic nature has the power to bring out the best in other people. People are greatly attracted to your happy nature and positive vibes. However, you know how to empathize with others, and easily relate to other’s emotions. But, you really need to hold out a bit, occasionally, and give yourself a break!

The Koala


If your eye caught the koala first, you are very composed and calm. No matter the situation, you take life at your own pace! Opinions of others cannot change you, but this doesn’t make you selfish! You are a kind, caring, and a very reliable person, and is sensitive. You prefer your own company, and would happily miss a party to a quiet and peaceful evening at home.

The Lion


Resembling the true nature of a lion, you were born to lead! Although your leading qualities can easily convince others to follow your lead, you might sometimes appear overly dominating and overwhelming. You love new challenges and opportunities, and you have the power and determination to overcome everything with your winning mindset.

The Elephant


If the elephant was the first animal that caught your eye, you are highly caring about everyone and everything around you. You are intelligent, have a good sense of judgment, loyal, responsible, and kind. Because of your ability to always find a solution, you are highly reliable at any circumstance.

The Owl


If the animal you first saw was the owl, you are highly analytical. You love to analyze everything deeply and prefer to work alone in order to avoid social situations because they make you uncomfortable. You also hate disorganized and chaotic situations and is a perfectionist who has high expectations of others. One thing that you should remember is that nobody is perfect and that it’s our imperfections that make us human. It’s great if you can be a little more flexible with others. However, thanks to your witty and intelligent personality, others enjoy your company a lot.

The Bear


Seeing the bear first suggests that you are conservative and wise beyond your age! You love to follow the traditions and are highly disciplined. You always go by moral values and always try to live according to them. You are very observant, and you like to stay in the background and observe the people and situations that you come across. You hate chaos and drama. However, you also have a fun, adventurous, and unpredictable side to your personality. At the same time, you are very reliable, hardworking, and dedicated, while being extremely committed to the people around you.

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