A land around 200,000 acres are now devoured by the two Californian wildfires. Their rage on leaving a massive loss behind them, infrastructure and lives are lost due to these fires. As much as people seek cover and protection from the wildfires, there are a quiet number animals stranded in the areas that are affected by this destruction.

The local authorities and the local community is working around the clock to contain and settle down these fire which originated in two opposite locations of California. Please pray for the people and animals who are trapped due to these fires and leave your thoughts in the comments section about this heartbreaking events followed by the unity of people.More info & Photo courtesy: Pawsplanet.




People are getting together to search and help the animals who are stranded in the wake of these blazing fires. Most of the scared and injured animals tend to flee and hide in these kind of scenarios. It is restores the faith back in humanity as people in the community get together to rescue animals with a bit of help by organizations that help in animal aid.





















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