#1 Subway For Dinner

Subway For Dinner

Despite the fact that this woman was going to make dinner for a guy she was really into that night, her boss made her work late. She did some of the prepping in the subway because she didn’t have enough time. She had to stop when people began to cry because of the chopped onion.

#2 Smuggle Snuggles Operation

Operation Smuggle Snuggles

Pets are strictly prohibited on the Moscow subway. This woman, on the other hand, must transport her cat between her home and that of her ex-husband, as their divorce papers state that they share custody of Snuggles. She puts on a Dick Tracy raincoat and stuffs Snuggles inside to transport the kitty. The suspicious and intense expression on her face indicates that she does not want to be photographed because the photograph could be used against her and her train pass could be revoked.

#3 Brushing To Work

Brushing To Work

Instead of doing her morning routine at home, she decided to do it on the train this morning. During the morning rush hour. Nobody looked twice when she began applying makeup on the train. Strangers stared in disbelief when it came to the oral hygiene portion of her daily routine. She even spit into her leather bag. Next time, just use mouthwash strips, or better yet, get up a little earlier and do it all at home.

#4 Drunchies


This woman was drinking heavily at the bar that night, trying to appear to be having a good time because she was there with friends who included her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend. She wanted to appear to be enjoying life, but all she could think about all night was when she could leave and eat pizza. She passed out and dropped the pizza, but thanks to the strategically placed parchment paper, she awoke and finished it.

#5 Ghillie Chair

Ghillie Seat

Although this appears to be a swamp monster from a 1950s B horror film, it is actually a sharp, capable individual. This individual is a sniper-in-training in the elite Army Rangers unit. The trainees’ commander ordered them to wear their ghillie suits, which are normally used for camouflage in the field, wherever they went when they were off-base. If they are caught without them, they will be kicked out of the program. This cadet isn’t going to take any chances.

#6 Car Isn’t So Smart

Not So Smart Car

At first glance, the owner of this Smart Car appears to be a complete moron. Why buy a car if you’re only going to use it on the subway? However, when you think about it, it is actually quite pleasant. If the battery works, he has his own temperature control in there and doesn’t have to worry about subway moles brushing up against him. He can also listen to music loudly and no one will object. Perhaps he is smarter than we all believe.

#7 Nevermore


This Edgar Allen Poe fan went so far as to purchase a black bird to match the dark lyricist’s famous poem “The Raven.” Despite the fact that her all-black outfit and makeup make it appear as if she doesn’t care about anything, she has the raven on a blue leash, as public transportation regulations require. Perhaps, beneath all the makeup, leather pants, and gloomy outlook, she is a stickler for social rules.

#8 Snack Time

Casual Snack

Eating on the bus is considered impolite because it can contaminate the ride. It can get really bad if you eat something like curry. Fast food french fries are another major issue. Although it may smell good to some, being forced to smell it on the bus can be overwhelming. This woman was immediately yelled at for eating fries on the bus. To solve this problem, she ate mayonnaise, which has a low odor. Nonetheless, people were outraged by the sight of this meal.

#9 Maniac Subway Incident

Subway Maniac Incident

This man has always been a hog of attention. He wears bright colors everywhere he goes, such as the red pants shown here. When the so-called “subway maniac” caused some incidents, he saw a huge opportunity to get some eyes on him. The plan was simple: he’d act crazy on the subway and people would pay attention to him. However, even when the subway maniac was on a rampage, hanging upside down was not enough to make New Yorkers look up.

#10 On The Train With The Morning Paper

Taking The Morning Paper On The Train

When you have this crinkled, human-shaped paper-mache disaster, who needs friends? Although strange things happen on the subway all the time, this has to be one of the saddest because this guy had the potential to be normal. When you see someone on the subway with homemade tattoos on their face and no pants, you can understand why they are acting strangely. However, if he can afford a G-shock watch, he can turn it all around and be normal.

#11 Lettuce Heads

Head Of Lettuce

This person arrived at her job as a line chef at a midtown restaurant, but they were out of hairnets. Instead, she and her coworkers took advantage of a legal loophole that allows almost anything that completely covers the head to be considered a usable hairnet. They dismembered a head of lettuce and placed small yarmulkas of greenery on top of their heads. The only problem was that the house salad was not available on this particular day.

#12 Addict to Video Games

Video Game Addict

This guy can’t wait to get back and forth between Astoria and the Lower East Side without playing video games. His mother suspects he has a video game addiction, and the subway setup isn’t helping. In any case, he is at the top of the leaderboard for some games, and as a result, he is receiving sponsorship offers to compete in Korea. Soon, we’ll see this guy on an Asian-bound flight with his Xbox in the aisle.

#13 Individual With Style

Classy Individual

This guy never expected to be lumped in with other subway eaters because he considered them to be beneath him. After all, he always dressed in a tailored suit and took the time to shave and style his hair. However, when a scheduling conflict forced him to choose between eating on the subway and going hungry, he caved. He decided to be as civilized as possible by using a folding table to maintain his air of superiority.

#14 Good Versus Evil

Good Vs. Evil

Geeks would cringe at this confrontation. The combination of the Star Wars universe and the DC universe’s Batman is a travesty. In a fight, Batman would have the upper hand because they are most likely in a Gotham subway. What’s really going on is that two Times Square performers are squabbling over who gets to stand near the M&M store. Although no lightsabers or batarangs are used in the fight, it becomes heated enough that some other passengers are moved to the next train car.

#15 Defining Territory

Marking Territory

This woman has recently relocated from Ohio to New York City for a new job. Although the city has advantages, it also has disadvantages. One of her main complaints is a lack of personal space, especially on public transportation. Instead of gambling, she decided to ensure she had a personal bubble by using an actual bubble. It’s called a Hoberman sphere, and it can retract into a small, purse-sized ball for easy transport outside the subway.

#16 The Unusual Couple

The Odd Couple

When his freshman year midterms were finished, he boarded the Amtrak to return home for Thanksgiving with his family. What he didn’t expect was for his train neighbor to become so relaxed. With a full-sized pillow, undershirt, and shorts hiked up higher than any young person would dream of hiking them up, the middle-aged man truly made himself at home. The college student was uncomfortable for the entire eight hours, but the thought of turkey and gravy kept him occupied.

#17 Flava Flav?

Flava Flav?

When you see this woman in a subway car, you assume she is a big fan of Public Enemy, particularly hype-man Flava Flav, who wears a clock on his chest that is probably smaller than the behemoth timekeeper she wears around her neck. In reality, she is a strict luddite, which means she does not use any modern gadgets. She proudly uses books instead of e-readers, (huge) clocks instead of phones, and does not own a computer.

#18 Stay Away From The Closing Doors

Split Clear Of The Closing Doors

This modern-day Robin Hood was broke, but he insisted on continuing his costly dance lessons. The high rent and food prices in New York City would not deter him from pursuing his dream of dancing on Broadway. He took to the subways, telling passengers trying to get in and out that he was collecting donations from the rich (them) and distributing them to the poor (himself). Unfortunately, a modern-day Sheriff of Nottingham (an irate passenger) forced him off the train.

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