Gian Bernini is world-famous for his excellent sculpturing skills. One of his masterpieces is ‘Apollo and Daphne’. The art rests at Borghese Palace presently and it has many sensual interpretations made in its commentary. Bernini who wasn’t even 30 when he finished this piece of monumental art in 1625 and it made such a impact in Rome, that everybody made sure that they raced to witness what they mentioned as a ‘miracle’.

Bernini was really young when he completed this sculpture, but he successfully managed to capture carnal desire, Savageness, pain, despair and also the physical details such as the tender skin and robe material as well. Scroll down to check it out and also leave your thoughts about this article in the comments section below!

More info & Photo courtesy: Wikimedia commons.

#1. Apollo and Daphne by Gian Lorenzo Bernini.

After almost 400 years later, critics still debate over the true background of this sculpture. It is said in a Greek legend where Apollo insults Cupid. So, Cupid took his revenge in making Apollo fall in an unrequited love with Daphne. Unable to withhold his carnal desires, Apollo hunted Daphne down to claim her despite her rejection. It is shown in the sculpture where Apollo catches up with her and she starts to turn into a tree to escape him. Still, Apollo embraced the tree and kissed its bark, while the tree too shrank to get away from him.


Leaving the legend aside, let’s just take a moment to gaze into the perfect masterpiece that Bernini produced with such detail and value embedded in a sculpture. Also, it is amazing that it was done in a time where all the modern technology and mechanism were not available

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