Video games are blamed for all sorts of negative effects on mental health. Are video games that dangerous? It depends. People’s difficulties with gaming are different from most problems of their mental state. Video games are stapled in our modern, technologically driven society. Kids are going crazy about these games and the parents are always worried about that. The Internet and smartphones are pushing the development of video gaming to new heights too.

Those games are often based on some fantasies but they also reflect the realities of both worlds – fantasy and reality. Is it good or bad? People can argue about that unstoppably.

Advantages and disadvantages of video games

Video games are stimulating curiosity and imagination. They also help children and adults to become more detail-oriented. Not to mention the self-esteem factor. Children are always overcoming challenges in their everyday life. In the games, these challenges are even more so they become more mature in a short amount of time. What is better for them to play a game that requires many skills and a whole attention span? Discovering what we are capable of achieving is a very good experience, especially in childhood. Playing video games can be a sort of stress relief for many people and it also gives us a sense of adventure.

The origin of games

According to Herodotus, the games were invented in the kingdom of Lydia in Anatolia. It happened during the cold era. The king realized that the people needed something to stop thinking about the hardness of existence, so he invited gaming. Gaming helped everyone to forget about hunger. Now too, when we play games, we want to escape reality.

Benefits of video games

Are Video Games Bad For Your Mental State

Traditionally, video games are demonized and nearly everyone thinks that it is an addictive source of entertainment, but the truth is that video games are one of the best things for the child to develop its cognitive skills. There are numerous things in online gaming that are good for a person, one of the key aspects are personal development. For example, physical exercises are helping children and adults to improve their muscles and become more strong. Cognitive games help to indulge the person’s brain with some constant stimulation. Overall, it improves the performance of the person. Here are some cognitive aspects that are coming from playing video games:

  1. Online gaming improves coordination. When the child or adult is playing games, they are staring at the computer without any movements but in reality, their minds are working actively. The actions on the screen are always changing fast and the individual needs to adapt to that and be as fast as the scene of the video game. For example, anyone who is playing the Skins knows that the guns are changing “skins” all the time. They are either earning them or purchasing them. In order to not buy some additional things in online gaming, gamers need to work hard to have various kinds of skins. Some people also love to bet on their favorite games. In order to understand how skins bets work one must be aware of the fact that skins are used to bet or to gamble. These skins will become the tokens the individual can gamble with.
  2. Video games involve certain skills, including problem-solving ones. It is hard to answer the requirements of certain rules in the online gaming scene. Any move can change the whole game. Players have to think about anything happening in the game because having a strategy is the main thing in video gaming. Gamers need to make smart decisions that will determine their next level of playing.
  3. Playing video games can also enhance memory. Favorite games make us remember every detail about them. So after a while, both the visual and auditory memory of gamers are becoming sharper. Mastery of some keys can help them to easily move their characters in online games and make the movements as fast as possible.
  4. Has anyone mentioned that online games are a great source of learning? Because it is a fact. Gaming is beneficial not only for children and teenagers but for adults too. Some of the most developed and modern educational institutions are suggesting connecting the video games with teaching methodologies. This will help the children to improve their cognitive skills and also have good academic skills by playing video games. Not to mention the fact that video games are a great source of creativity in gamers.
  5. While gaming, the person needs to make decisions very fastly, so after a while, playing online games improves the brain’s speed too. The individuals who are playing video games at least three times a week are more likely to process any information faster than others. These simulators are ensuring the brain to work continuously without any break.
  6. Some people say that video gaming is making people stay at homes all day and night long but the reality is that games have their own circle and community. Online game players are engaging in games with each other. They have constant communication about everything in the chats of the games. They are developing more meaningful and deep connections with other players, then they would ever have in the real world. There are thousands of stories where gaming buddies are becoming best friends or even husband and wife. So it is already in the past to demonize online video games because they are part of two billion people’s everyday lives.
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