However much we think we know what evil is, we always find it difficult to recognize truly evil people.

Some people who continuously act in menacing ways, trying to be difficult, often don’t realize that there is some good that exists in them. They prefer keeping the good side away willingly. These are the real evil, and they apparently enjoy being evil. If you associate with a person like this, you are bound to be manipulated into being evil yourself.

Here’s how you can find whether you have any evil people in your life.

1. They Deny Reality

People who are evil would never agree with someone else since they have an own version of reality in their head. They stand firm in disagreeing knowing that as a matter of fact, they are wrong.

2. They twist facts

Creating alternative contexts is a part and parcel of being pure evil. All they do is to create different interpretations of facts they do not agree with and twist them in such a way that you will have no option but to agree. If you know what the truth is, always abide by it, don’t be fooled.

3. They withhold information

You can call it lying, but for an evil person, it’s always keeping a few facts untold. The moment they realize you have found out the whole truth, they immediately start to twist and turn the story from its head, further confusing you and using your ignorance to hold on to their end.

4. They mislead people

People who are cunning know when to pick and which person to pick to get their dirty work done. They who exactly how to confuse you to believe the lies. At the end, you will feel left out, scared and guilty for being the bad guy.

5. They’re always lying

The only way an evil person expresses himself would be through lies. They try to add flavor and truth into their stories by creating fake and untrue bits and enjoy when the others believe them. Be very careful, when you feel something is not right, you can more often than not b correct.

6. They’re remorseless

It’s true if I say that evil people have no feelings. They don’t feel sympathetic towards anyone and would be happy to break you inside out. Anyone around him would be a cog in his evil wheel.

7. They avoid responsibility

Responsibility is not a word an evil person has in his dictionary. It’s so much easier to pass on the duties to the next person and stay away. They find this a definite way to blame others when the work is not done.

8. They’re manipulative

Evil people have so much experience in manipulation that they would always see way ahead and string their plans so tight that you’d never escape. They make others work and gain credit as if it’s their own work. Feeling pretty hopeless now huh?

9. They are never supportive

You will only see an evil person in situations where they will have something to gain. However much you support them in their work, you will never see them help you in your needs. For example, when you are rich, people will be all over you, being nice and friendly. If by any chance you deplete, there would be nobody around to even speak to.

10. They steal your time

We know how important time is. An evil person would always make you waste your time in utter useless operations. They never want you to be better in any way and would always be there to pull your leg when you climb high.

11. They lead double lives

Evil people act differently with different people. They would not treat another person the way they treat you. They are able to create a million different stories at any time to convince anyone. It’s almost impossible to know anything real about an evil person’s life.

12. They are control freaks

Since they are masters of manipulation and creating stories, evil people are easily able to gain control of all situations. They would not let you have any other friends and in fact, would not allow anyone to come into your life. They want you to remain a pawn in their dirty games because the moment they lose you, they are worried about the truth being revealed.

13. They’re always blaming others

A person who is evil would make a tremendous amount of mistakes unknowingly because they have so much going in their heads. But the moment they realize something has gone wrong, they look at ways to turn it around so that the other person would be compelled to apologize for something not even done.