Never in Ohio Kings Mills, there was a voted prom ‘King and Queen’ representing the LGBTQ community. Meet Riley and Annie, these two have been together for 6+ months now. They went to their high school prom as a couple on the 17th of April and they got voted as the prom ‘King and Queen’.

This was a very happy moment for the couple for their win and also for the fact that they got to represent their community by being the first LGBTQ couple to win this title at a prom in the whole state!More info & Photo courtesy:KingsLocalSchoolDistrict | riley.loudermilk | annie_wisee | zoom

#1. Meet Annie and Riley.

#2. The School wished them on their official page.

But soon after their win, it turned into something that no one thought would happen. Some parents started to share their disgust about the approval of this couple as prom ‘King and Queen’. This escalated quickly and made the school community to divide into supporters and protesters.

#3. High School friends.

#4. Riley taking Annie out.

#5. The Prom King and Queen!

A week later, some parents even held a meeting at school to declare their opposition to this decision. They accuse the school for being neglectful and they stated that the ‘King’ should be a MALE, while the ‘Queen’ should be a FEMALE. Many supportive and negative comments flow into the school’s official page where they congratulated the couple by a post. The School authorities stand their ground and they have to remove negative comments to make their page free from negativity.

#6. Parents held a meeting the next week.



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#11. Here are some good and bad comments.

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