At 11: 33 AM Pt, the event organizers named Arnold Schwarzenegger’s attacker as a “crazed fan”, who can be heard screaming, “Help me, I need a Lamborghini,” and he was being detained. This person exactly yells it out three different times while being dragged away.

For the moment, Arnold has no idea of pressing charges and as per the organizers, they say that he views this as a bad incident by a mischievous fan.

The video has shared extensively on social media, shows Schwarzenegger posing for photos and filming at the Johannesburg event on Saturday when the man attacks him.

The Terminator star stumbles forward after the kick, while the attacker falls to the ground, where he is directly controlled by a security guard.

The man was later handed over to police officers, event officials said.

Schwarzenegger has tweeted to followers: “I thought I was just jostled by the crowd, which happens a lot. I only realized I was kicked when I saw the video like all of you.”

He later urged fans to focus on the athletes at the event instead of the attack.

“We have 90 sports here in South Africa at the @ArnoldSports, and 24,000 athletes of all ages and abilities inspiring all of us to get off the couch. Let’s put this spotlight on them,” he wrote on Twitter.

The Arnold Classic Africa event takes place every May and features a range of events including bodybuilding and combat sports.

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