This is yet another creative artist from Japan. Her name is Rui Sasaki. This wonderful creation is called the ‘Liquid sunshine’. It is made to be able to capture light inside the glass so it illuminates itself. The phosphorescent bubbles inside the glass absorbs the light into the glass.

Inspired from where she lives; Toyama, where the people does not get much of a sunlight as other parts of Japan. She understood the importance of sunlight and came up with this creation, so that people can witness a miracle of sunlight. The Illuminating glass charges up when a person enters the room and the phosphorescent absorbs the light into the glass. That keep the glass lighted up for a while, creating an amazing experience to watch. Please check out the photos below and share your thoughts in the comments section!More info & Photo courtesy: Rui Sasaki | Instagram

Via: demilked










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