Malaysian artist, Yee Chong creates digitally look-alike animals which makes people wish they could interact with them. This artist brings these adorable animals to live in such a unique and realistic way that by the end of this post you’d wish to own one.

Yee Chong has gained over 93,000 followers on his Instagram. One of his favorite characters to draw is foxes. Take a look down below, to see how realistic these cute little critters are!!

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The artist gave Bored Panda an exclusive interview of how he started creating these illustrations and what inspired him. He was first a graphic designer but quit after 5 years because his salary wasn’t enough and that’s when he started freelancing. Yee Chong admits that this idea came suddenly and was initially an experiment. “It was meant to be a test on my understanding of light and shadow, but people seem to like them a lot so I continued ’till now,” – he said. The Malaysian artist revealed that he’s pretty surprised about the community’s response and feels very honored. The fact “that people like them motivates me to produce more”.



He also revealed that he prefers to live alone with a no pet policy and that his digital animals give him closure. When he feels down he will turn to drawing these beautiful creatures.“I will keep producing them as long as it brightens people’s days or cheers people up.” The artist still continues to create these unique adorable drawings as it brings a smile to people’s faces.



The artist imagines these animals in real situations creating them in a diverse background of situations. The fox seems to be the main character is most of drawings.The pictures show the cute critters in their ”everyday“ situations (as if anything that includes these cuties could be called an ”everyday“ scenario). The pictures just makes you go “Awww” and just wish you could hug them.




These lifelike situations range from reactions to food, a casual dive into the trash bin, playing with stuff and exploring, letting themselves be snuggled by their owner, to ending up in a shape that fits only them exclusively.











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So cute I love the fox ?