Who says love gets boring after marriage? Well, some people think all the funny and happy thing would be over after the marriage and you will be burdened by all the responsibilities and duties after marriage! However, a Tel-Aviv-based illustrator, comic artist and a character designer Yehuda Adi Devir has shown through his illustrations that there is a different side to this conventional story. His couple drawings about the life he shares with his wife Maya Devir has become an internet sensation as they speak much about everyone’s love stories!

His relationship drawings are very much popular and here we have some of his works in his series titles “one of those days”. All these things are some little things in everyone’s relationships and there is no doubt that when you scroll down you will remember your lover for sure! This is simply you love story or the love story that you dream to have and there would be something that you can relate to in this series.

Yasuda has over 4.8M followers on Instagram and this popularity speaks about how much people are in love with his works! So, scroll down to see the pictures and don’t forget to share your favorites!

More info & Image credit: jude_devir | Patreon

#1. Her hair is everywhere

#2. Nothing to wear!

#3. After a fight!

#4. Anniversary

#5. Mrs. Snuggles

#6. Her magic touch

#7. Birthday mornings

#8. When she’s watching Game of Thrones

#9. Women know best

#10. Street biters

#11. New Cintiq

#12. Safety first

#13. L’chaim! Salut! Cheers!

#14. I can stop whenever I want

#15. Exhaustion

#16. Same haircut same story

#17. We bought an elliptical

#18. Mirror Mirror

#19. Smell check

#20. Beach, please!

#21. Happy Rosh Hashanah!

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3 years ago

Cool , true life / relationship depictions excellent job

Paul Thompson
Paul Thompson
3 years ago

My wife is Hispanic and I am Jamaican. But your cartoons depicts so much of our daily life. Except for the young one.