A good woman can be a man’s best investment.

The investment that a man can do to have a good woman in his life is an investment of time, emotional openness, effort, love, and self-improvement.

You think that “She is a good woman and she will find her way for you again”

Women are different than what you think. You expect that she will give you many chances till you get settled with all your excuses.

However, you might have gotten the wrong impression about her. She won’t sacrifice her life waiting for you and to figure out what you want. She also doesn’t want to punish herself by waiting for a man who doesn’t know how to treat her well.

A woman always desires to find someone who believes in her.

Life is not a movie. She falls in love with you and wants to be a part of your life, yet you were trying to find yourself without her.

Unfortunately, Women are different now. They can give you a chance or two, but if you blow it, they will leave you.

Consequences of hurting someone cannot be repaid. Sadly, nothing you do will bring her back.

She can really sacrifice anything when she is in love. She can see your capabilities and will help you to grow to become a better person.

She offered her unconditional love, yet, you took the advantage of her love just like other men.

Initially, you may have had that confidence that you can bring her back, but you lost it and you broke her heart. It’s too late to bring her back because she learned her lesson from you.

It can be difficult for her to understand that you need space from her. When you start to push her away, she may worry or panic that she did something wrong. She may even think that your love has come to an end.

A man takes space away from his woman simply to come back to his sense of self.

However, she has a wide capacity for emotional intimacy than you. She embraces your feelings and your emotions like waves of the ocean. But, the truth is, when you screw up “chance after a chance”, she will leave you forever.

She will suffer a lot after losing you but there’s no turning back. When you realize that your life was so much better with her, you want her back.

Generally, when men face this kind of emotional obstacle, they console themselves by saying that she was never the right woman. If she was meant to be, she would have stayed in their lives.

However, to be honest, they know that’s not true.

Now that you are all alone, you see how much she was worth. You have noticed that she was there for you when you had difficult times. She was there when you needed support and a shoulder to cry on.

You never appreciated that and you never saw how hard she was trying to stick with you.

Every other woman you meet will never be like her. They will only love you at your best, but when the problems come, she will leave you instantly because she doesn’t want to be a part of your life struggles.

The key to a successful relationship is certainly not pushing her away, even in situations where it seems impossible to be with her, believe that there’s still a chance to make things right. If not, you will regret that you let her go.