When we are attracted to a certain person, it’s common for us humans to emphasize on certain qualities like intelligence, looks, etc. But, most of us don’t know the exact reason why we are attracted to someone, and many call it the ‘gut feeling’ or ‘intuition.’ But there are certain qualities that make a person attractive to others.

In fact, people are attracted to the energy, or ‘vibes’ of a person. In general, all of us love to spend time with optimistic, inspired, and energetic people, because it makes us love ourselves too. We love to spend time with people that can make us feel happier. On the other hand, we hate associating dull, negative, and demotivated people, because they spread their negative energy to others as well. But this doesn’t stop us from getting attracted to people who end up hurting us, or constantly ignore and put us down. Weird, isn’t it?

Attractive people

Dr. Wayne Dyer stated about the law of attraction, “You don’t attract what you want. You attract what you are.” This means that we tend to attract people who give out the same energy as ourselves. However, there are certain behaviors of people who attract more than they repel.

Check out the list below to learn the habits of highly attractive people.

#1 They Have A Good Sense Of Humor

Life can get tough at certain times, and we might be met with unexpected challenges. During such a situation, it’s important to loosen up a bit, have a good laugh, and keep going forward with a smile on the face. Laughter spreads fast. As long as there are no ill intentions behind, a sense of humor is incredibly attractive.

Good sense of humor

#2 They Are Passionate About Life

Passion creates purpose, which in turn creates direction and enthusiasm. All of us need a purpose in life, something to live for. Passion is often selfless, making it immensely attractive.

Passionate people

#3 They Decide

Decisive people do what feels right to them, and don’t stress over it. They are not afraid to take risks and are very confident. The ability to decide quickly in a difficult situation is very important. Decisiveness is an extremely attractive quality because it shows a sense of direction.

Decision making

#4 They Are Kind To Others

Being kind is not only an attraction, but it’s a requirement for many of us. Being kind to friends and strangers all the same, and displaying random acts of kindness gives much more value and meaning to life.

Man helping another man

#5 They Are Open-Minded

Closed-mindedness is a sign that many of us detest. It is a sign of ignorance. On the other hand, being open-minded is a sign of growth and intellect. It’s necessary to be open-minded in order to think rationally and critically.

Open-minded people

#6 They Are Confident

Though all of us have insecurities, some are able to always focus on the brighter side. Confident people value themselves and have good self-esteem. Confident people naturally maintain positive relationships with everyone, and they have the ability to make even the most insecure person feel comfortable.


#7 They Accept Others

Not everyone is capable of accepting people for who they are, and this is the root cause of many serious global issues like racism, homophobia, etc. Even in a relationship, if one person wants his/her partner to change against their will, chances are high for the relationship to end sooner or later. People who accept others are accepted and loved back in return, so it’s definitely an attractive quality.

Accept everyone

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