There are thousands of car accidents across America each year, and far too many injuries and deaths that result from them. The good news is that there are things you can do to prevent injuries in accidents. A personal injury attorney in Charlotte can help you if you are injured in an accident caused by another person. Hopefully, following the tips below can prevent you from being hurt. 

Preventing Injuries During an Accident

Usually, people are not ready when an accident happens. This is because the crash occurs suddenly and without warning. However, if you see an accident coming, there are things you can do to minimize injuries: 

  • If you drive, keep your wrists as straight as you can and your hands on the wheel at the ten o’clock and two o’clock positions. 
  • All passengers should rest their heads against their headrests, rather than leaning forward. This will minimize the force of the airbags as they deploy. 
  • If you are hit from the rear, push your body into the seat as far as you can. This can reduce whiplash. 
  • When you are hit, do your best to maintain control of your car. Some of the worst accidents occur when drivers lose control, leave their lane of traffic, and hit cars coming to the opposite direction. Or, they run off the road, hit a tree or rock, and flip. 
  • If you see a head-on crash coming, try to turn away from the oncoming car to the right, not the left. Going left means going into oncoming traffic, which can cause horrific injuries. 

Preventing Injuries with Preparation

The above tips can reduce your chances of injuries, but most instances do not give you the time to prepare for a wreck. Bracing yourself for a crash is hard because you usually do not see it coming. However, you can do things before you start driving, which will help to reduce accident injuries. 

Take these tips into consideration to reduce car accident injuries: 

  • Always wear your seat belt. Even if you merely drive around the block to a friend’s house, always have your seat belt on. Most accidents happen within a few miles of home, after all. 
  • Ensure the headrest and seat are in the right positions. Having them adequately adjusted means your body will move less in a collision, reducing the chances of serious injury. 
  • Store objects in the trunk or glove compartment. The more objects flying around the car in an accident, the higher the chances of serious injury
  • Be sure your car is well maintained. If you have bald tires, you stand a higher risk of losing control in an accident. 
  • Know where each airbag is in the vehicle. 
  • Always drive with care and drive at or under the speed limit. 

Protecting Children and Passengers

If your passengers are adults, encourage them to wear seat belts and tell them where the airbags are. 

Young children and infants should be in car seats that are made for their weight and height. Infants should be in a rear-facing car seat. Once the child is too big for the rear-facing seat, they can be put into a forward-facing seat with a harness. 

Once the children are too big for car seats, they can be put in a booster seat. Of course, children should always be in the backseat with their seat belt on. 

Avoiding Injuries In Accidents

Remember that car seats are a significant public safety innovation in the past 40 years. Young children’s bodies are not strong enough to withstand the violent conditions of a car accident. They need to be strapped into a good car seat. 

Keep these tips in mind to minimize the risk of being hurt in a car accident. 

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